We’re just over a year into Legion so I decided to give it the review treatment, focusing on three big aspects: Environment & Story, Leveling & Questing as well as Gear & Artifacts.

For the first time in my WoW history I’m trying to actively level alts whilst still playing my main.

Historically I’ve swapped main entirely and focused on a new class until I get bored or wanted a change of pace. I tend to only have attention enough for a single character.  

With the delicious level of detail dedicated to each class and, to a lesser but still noticeable extent, each spec, I embarked upon an epic alt adventure.

Birth of an Altoholic

Legion is the only expansion that has given me a real reason to play classes that I don’t typically gel with (rogues and spellcasters), only to find that I’m really enjoying them.

With every patch comes new catch-up mechanics, the latest of which allows you to jump to Artifact Knowledge 40 (the max level) providing you have a character that is already 40.

Getting there

The time needed and cost of researching your Order Hall Advancements have been reduced, meaning that a fresh 110 alt can very quickly become competitive.

The only difficult thing to quickly catch-up on are legendaries. You only get legendaries through doing appropriate content, there is a time commitment (or a large amount of blind luck) inherent in getting the legendaries that you want or need.

There isn’t really much of a way to remedy this without making the acquisition of legendaries trivial and by association making legendaries more a tickbox than a meaningful pursuit.

Generally speaking however, Legion has gone from being a fairly alt-unfriendly expansion to the only one that has actively made me want to pursue a full collection of 110’s.

If it ain’t broke

The Broken Isle has been a joy to level in, even multiple times: the quests are engaging, Blizzard have almost perfected the contextual ‘area’ quests and a multitude of small bosses are fun to party-up against and take down for gear as you level.

The true victory however is keeping the entirety of the Broken Isle relevant with dynamic scaling (kind of) and World Quests.

Dynamic scaling caused a bit of an upset at the time but frankly I haven’t noticed it much, you can still very easily smash your way through basic mobs and elites aren’t incredibly challenging.

World Quests on the other hand are excellent. They are a brilliant way to rework a frankly tired Daily Quests system.

The great thing is you can do a little or a lot and there is always an incentive. Once you’ve hit exalted you can work towards bonus caches which could contain a zone relevant mount.

broken-isleThe big downside and missed opportunity (so far) with World Quests and Legion Assaults is just how isolated they feel.

They only take place on the Broken Isle and whilst I understand that this is the focal point of the Legion invasion, being the location of the tomb of their Lord, it makes the invasion feel slightly lackluster.

With their supposedly infinite numbers (they are legion after all), couldn’t they flank us? With attacks on our faction capitals or other important locations throughout Azeroth? In the same vein as the pre-launch Legion invasions.

However, with the announcement of the latest WoW expansion (Battle for Azeroth) comes the news that dynamic leveling is coming to the old world, BC and Wrath, perhaps we’ll see World Quests take on a more global purview.

Did you enjoy questing on the Broken Isles? Are you excited about Battle for Azeroth? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below.