We’re just over a year into Legion so I decided to give it the review treatment, focusing on three big aspects: Environment & Story, Leveling & Questing as well as Gear & Artifacts.

Artifacts are one of the expansion defining features in Legion: they are your first port of call when starting your campaign against the Burning Legion and they also serve as your “leveling” once you’ve hit endgame.

Arguably artifacts are what Legion is all about: Blizzard wanted class fantasy to be a big focus of Legion, artifacts are core to this.   

Artifacts, alongside order halls, are also a big incentive for wanting to level every alt I can get my hands on. Most of the Artifact weapons have pretty cool backstories, or they’ve been ingrained in the lore for ages, like The Ashbringer.

Weirdly I also like that there is limited choice as to how you approach leveling your artifact. Unlike how talent trees used to be: a seemingly large amount of choice but with a widely accepted “best” way of doing it.

With artifact trees you can more or less just grab the ones you like, knowing that you will unlock the others later. This is particularly true now that Artifact Knowledge is instantly boosted as soon as you hit 110.

Sweet, sweet skins…

Artifact appearances are also incredible across the board. Variations around a theme, awarded for different pursuits, be they PvE, PvP, or some treasure hunting for your hidden appearance.

The hidden appearances tend to be my favourite as they are more of a departure from the original look of the weapons and a bit more “out there”. The Protection Paladin’s sword turning into a mace for example.

However there is some disparity between how easy it is to get some of the skins. Beast Mastery Hunter’s can simply buy their skin for 8000g, which really isn’t a lot, whereas it took me over 2500 casts to fish up the item I needed to finished the Corrupted Ashbringer on my Retribution Paladin.

What does the future hold?

The big post Legion question is: what is going to follow Artifact Weapons? I’m sure they have a good idea of what’s going to happen, I just hope that they don’t sit in our bank after being replaced by a green weapon at level 111.

Or will we need to sacrifice their power to truly defeat Sargeras on Argus? Will their power be consumed to seal The Dark Titan away in Antorus? Or will we consume their power, which could still give us access to the traits?

In a way I’m looking forward to normal weapons making a comeback. No other loot drop compares to getting a new weapon and relics really don’t give the same kick.

However, Artifacts do go a long way to making your character feel special in a world of other identical heroes, performing exactly the same feats of strength: NPC’s will chatter in awe of mythical weapons and they have an inherent majesty that really makes your character feel like the Archdruid or the Highlord, as opposed to just another adventurer.

Legendary luck!

It may be controversial but I like how legendaries work in Legion. There was more of a sense of achievement in working over weeks to get a legendary however the prospect of a legendary dropping can be enough to get you to do another Mythic or Raid wing.

Elusive little bugger!

I do understand the heartache of your worst legendary dropping as opposed to the one you need: FU Luffa’s Wrappings, I’ll complete the Guardian Druid challenge without your help, just watch!

However, I’m keen to see if they are going to improve on the system in the next expansion. Perhaps by giving more of an ability to target a specific one or some such.

Overall I think Legion presents a very smooth and well oiled gearing treadmill. It’s just another aspect which shows the strength of Legion as an expansion and makes it a real contender for the “best expansion ever” title.

Is Legion your “best expansion ever”? Do love or hate Artifacts & Legendaries? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below.