Starting something new can be a struggle: I am constantly guilty of chasing “tomorrow”.

‘I’ll make a start on that tomorrow!’

‘I’ll get back to the diet tomorrow! Just one more donut today…’

‘I’ll work more on my website tomorrow, I’ll just play some more WoW today.’

To that end I decided that tomorrow had to be today, specifically May 24th 2017, it was a Wednesday.

As a side note there is this interesting attachment that we seem to have to time and the abstract idea of time which we enforce on ourselves.

Hours, days, weeks, months, years etc. have this strange significance to us whereby if we need to make a change or start something big it should be at the start of a week or month. But why not a Wednesday in the middle of a month, in the middle of a year?

The genesis of this change in mindset came from the brilliant Rooster Teeth Podcast, specifically the wonderful mind of Mr. Burnie Burns.

He spoke about not believing in motivation per se but believing instead in discipline. This resonated with me because I am a slave to my habits.

I wake up at the same time everyday and go about my morning routine with the fervour of a zealot. I keep multiple recurring ‘To do’ lists focusing on different aspects of my daily life.

I’m certainly not out to change that: the feeling of ticking everything off my list for the day is like the purest crack injected straight in the eyeballs (or however one does crack).

I’m also a massive fan of gamifying things. I got a fitness tracker for this reason and relish reaching and beating targets, essentially competing against myself. To paraphrase Burnie: ‘gaming is the language of winning and losing’.

My Streaks

Therefore, on Burnie’s recommendation from that same podcast I decided to pick up Streaks, an app which helps you create and track streaks you’re on.

To give you a better idea here are the four streaks I’ve setup:

  1. Walk 5000 steps. Simple.
  2. A Physical Activity. This could be an extra long walk above the 5000 steps, a bike ride, lifting weights etc.
  3. Write Something. It doesn’t really matter what, I just have to sit and write and see what happens.
  4. Post A Tweet. Again it doesn’t really matter what, the point here is to promote my website or a new blog, just share a thought, or post cat pictures.

In regard to the last two, I don’t expect people to listen or pay attention necessarily but it’s not for anyone else, it’s purely self-indulgent self-development, a form of public journaling to get me thinking.

So if you’d like to keep reading what I write then great! I’ll be writing about games, nerd shit, spoken word poetry and anything else I feel like. If not then you probably didn’t get this far.