It sucked me back in! It sucked me back in like a cheapish subscription based lady-of-easy-virtue! Like a toddler with a slush puppy before the brain freeze hits! Like an extended metaphor before the et cetera etc.

A short history lesson: I quit almost 4 years ago during the Mists of Pandaria beta, partially due to burning out and partially due to the release of Guild Wars 2. I’d played Guild Wars 1 before WoW and all my WoW buddies decided to make a move to GW2 for a while and I followed.

Back in the day…

GW2 fed my MMO craving for a while, probably a good 12 to 18 months, but I quit that as well. Then I had a fun few months doing the storyline missions for a few classes on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Next I founded Blade and Soul which lasted a matter of weeks, followed by Black Desert which probably lasted even less.

Now here we are, present day, United Kingdom, a small flat in southern England and I’m playing WoW again.

After an almost 4 year break WoW is like an entirely new game: I quit while we still had long talent trees, mounts were character bound not account bound, guild level mattered and battle pets were but a twinkle in our eye.

I also play in a very different way: during my couple of years playing pretty hardcore I literally spent days playing, now I have a job and limited free time; I lived alone and could be a slob, now I live with my fiance and can’t get away with as much.

Regardless of the differences in WoW 4 years ago versus now, it is still the only MMO I’ve played that can command my attention in such a complete way. While some may argue that the game has become too simple or “casual friendly”, I’d say it is one of the most streamlined experiences around (particularly compared to Black Desert).

It’s still subscription based and increasingly that’s becoming a thing of the past but considering the “free-to-play” nickel and diming bullshit present in SWTOR and Blade and Soul, it really doesn’t bother me, in fact it’s oddly refreshing. Putting additional action bars in SWTOR and the wardrobe in Blade and Soul behind a paywall is virtually criminal.

On the other hand the races in WoW are still fairly bland and character creation is still sorely lacking in options, particularly when compared to Black Desert’s extreme customisation and depth. Garrisons felt unfinished and not fully thought out, but everyone knows that at this point and it will hopefully be addressed in Legion somehow.

Aside from that I’ve really been enjoying smashing through Wrath and Cataclysm raids

Chilling with The Destroyer

that kicked my arse back in the day, exploring Pandaria and collecting all the swanky Transmogrification sets I can before Legion hits.

I’m avoiding as much Legion Beta information as I can, just to keep my hype train from running off the tracks but I am really looking forward to it. Artifact weapons look sweet, I’m a big fan of the talents being more distinct between specs and an expansion that focuses on class/spec fantasy is a great idea.

There are of course bits I’m not so keen on, like skills being pruned but added as talents for example, but if Legion can give me the same euphoric high that finally finishing Draenor Pathfinder did then it’ll be a solid gold success.