Fallout New Vegas is one of my favourite games ever, ever I say! The base game is great; I enjoyed every second of the DLC; the mods however really push this gem into the top spot. Without further ado, here are the mods which are, in my opinion, essential!


The Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) and One HUD 

The Mod Configuration Menu, or MCM, is more or less what it says on the tin: a menu which allows you to configure your mods. To use some of the others mods on this list you will need this mod, unless you want to fiddle with .ini files or complicated in game config items. One HUD is one such mod. One HUD provides plenty of customisation for the HUD: including the ability to hide aspects when they aren’t in use, a recommended option.


Goodsprings Shack and Lucky 38 Suite Reloaded

Goodsprings Shack gives you a shack in Goodsprings, go figure. I am the lootiest of loot whores and as any fellow loot lovers will know, you end up needing a bunch of storage space. That is what the shack provides: a bit of early game storage and a safe bed. The Lucky 38 Suite Reloaded is the other end of the spectrum in player housing. Complete with gun racks to display your weapons, more storage than you can store all of your shaking sticks in, large bedrooms for sleepovers, a kitchen, workbenches, chemistry sets, a teleporter (seriously) and last but certainly not least Alfred – your robot butler.


Harder Hardcore Rates and Bottlecaps Have Weight

These two mods go hand in hand for making hardcore mode that little bit harder core. Harder Hardcore Rates makes your sleep, thirst and hunger levels increase faster, thus making proper planning and preparation essential for any wasteland wondering. This mod comes in two flavours: double or triple rates. Bottlecaps Have Weight gives bottlecaps a little weight, it’s not much but it can really stack up, particularly later in the game. If ammo is given weight in Hardcore mode, why shouldn’t your precious caps?


Skill Based Perks and Better Tag Skills

These two are probably the cheatiest mods I use, but I think they make good sense story wise. Better Tag Skills increases the number of points gained when tagging a skill, it also doubles any points invested in that skill. Tag skills are supposed to represent the abilities gained by your character before you take control of them. Given that you’re already a veteran wastelander and courier I think this mod makes good sense. Tired of picking up those “staple perks” and missing out on the crazy fun ones? Skill Based Perks is for you! SBK makes applicable perks unlock as you level up your skills: for example if you level up sneak you can get Silent Running and Ninja. Leaving you free to get all those weird and wonderful perks that make Fallout what it is.


Weapon Mods Expanded, Weapon Mod Vending Machine and The Weapon Mod Menu

When you found out that unique weapons couldn’t have weapons mods applied to them, were you annoyed? I was, so I did something about it! I got proactive! I downloaded Weapon Mods Expanded! WMX not only allows you to apply weapons mods to every weapon, it also bumps the number of weapons mods available to three per weapon. This means that they add some brand new weapon mods or simply make some work with many different guns. The Weapon Mod Menu allows you to add and remove weapon mods as you see fit. There is also the option to show which weapons mods are available for which weapon, pretty handy. If you have played a lot of FNV then you probably know the pain of hunting for a specific weapon mod: resetting merchants; digging through lockers; hunting high and low. The Weapon Mod Vending Machine puts an end to all that, for a price. Three times the price in fact! That’s right you can buy any mod you’d like, so long as you have the caps.